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How to Help Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico is recovering after hurricane Maria, category 5, made landfall yesterday morning. The island has just braced Irma, and now experienced its second hurricane-----the first storm this large to hit a U.S. Territory since 1932.

Maria has left Puerto Rico devastated with destroyed homes and no electricity. Homes have been destroyed and lost due to massive flooding. Phone towers have been down, leaving families on the island with no way to communicate with their loved ones on the mainland. Not knowing if your family or home are okay, is a scary thing.

For information about their infrastructure read more here:

Fox News


Puerto Rico is my home, and these people are my friends, my family. They are resilient and will make it through anything, but it is hard to not be able to help them from here in the mainland. Building a new Puerto Rico will be a community effort. As American citizens it is our duty to support a community that enriches our great nation.

If you are looking for a way to help and stabilize Puerto Rico, here are some organizations looking for donations or volunteers:

United for Puerto Rico


Team Rubicon

Catholic Charities of the United States of America

Global Giving

Save The Children

Puerto Ricans In Action

United Nations Children's Fund

There are several gofundme campaigns as well.

My heart aches for my Island. Pray for Puerto Rico, pray for the Carribean.

Forever Boricua Strong!