Why I Wrote "The Little Things"

Hi friends, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! It was a special day for me as The Little Things Indiegogo launch went live just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping…

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has sent me such wonderful and supportive pre-launch messages, and give a warm welcome to all the new subscribers! My heart has been full and I am so excited to see where this new adventure takes me...

With all the excitement self-publishing has brought into my life, there has been one big question everyone has been asking, and I’ve decided to finally answer it on today’s post.

“Leilani, why did you decide to write a book?”

Well…as all good things, there are many reasons.

Many of you know me as a photographer first. Understandably so, I owe the start of my business to just that. But, there’s been a lot behind the scenes that have not yet been shared publicly. I am also a designer, a crafter, an artist, an entrepreneur, a writer, a curator, and even a content creator.

I’ve always been a creative…

I was an odd baby since birth. Since I can remember I have been drawing and building. The first preserved art work I made was as a baby who scribbled on her mother’s check book. It was uncanny.

When I was 5 I won my first art contest, and I continued to compete until college.

I would construct worlds out of paper and cardboard, and create cities and castles alongside my little brother. We would put together narratives, and pick up where we left off the next day. I would spend hours on Microsoft paint, illustrating what I did not yet know was called graphic design. I created three dimensional school projects, and science projects. Board games and mobiles. Through high school I designed and built robots and said I wanted to be an architect. I took engineering classes and electronic classes, and I also wrote books and songs that were to never be seen by anyones's eyes but my own.

It's safe to say I ended up doing exactly what I always loved.

I’ve always been a creative.

I went to art school, and I work in design. But a few years back, I struggled in the world. With creativity comes frustration, self-criticism, and heartbreak. Behind all the glitter-covered castles I built, were often times anxious 3 am tears pouring down that hard work and dedication brought along with them. Without these, there would be no success, growth, or marvelous magic. Fittingly so, I created this book at the end of college, not only as a project but as suitable end to an era. Friends, we are stronger than we think. In life there's good little things and bad little things. And these can pile up. These good little things may be some that are taken for granted. Truth be told, in life we never know what others are going through. I for one am a bubbly soul by nature, and because of this I have often times felt the expectation or burden to always appear so. The reality is...we all have our good days and gray ones too. And that's okay.

I wrote this book about the little things...The little things in life we look over day by day, although they are always there. The little things that got me through the storm. These are the little things I want to share with you. To cheer you up when you need a friend, when you need a reminder, or a little sprinkle of sunshine. The good is so much bigger than the bad.

I took great care to hand paint and illustrate and write all 64 pages. 64 pages of beauty, 64 pages of good. Pages to promote mindfulness and good mental health. Pages to remind you of small parts of your day that can make a huge difference in your quality of life. The genuine, and the wonderful. Pages to make you happy.

I'm trying to get this book to others who might need this. Hopefully these daily reminders will help them, too. If we learn to see the world differently, our days may be a little brighter. If we learn to see the good, the world becomes a better place to live.

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