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Why You Should Buy This Book

If you’ve been following my social media, you’ve likely noticed the book I’ve been working on for months, The Little Things, has finally launched on Indiegogo.

I’ve received many questions about the specifics, and today I’m touching on what The Little Things launch is all about.

Why you should BUY my book:

Our day-to-day lives are full of little things. Unfortunately, research and personal experience show that we tend to fixate on the negatives, and brush small positivities to the side. My goal when hand-painting and writing this 64 page book was to collect reminders of all the little soul-filling, uplifting, and encouraging moments – the little things – that we may take for granted. Whether you turn to any page, or flip through over time, this makes The Little Things the perfect bedside or coffee table book to pick up throughout the day.

Why Fund The Little Things Today?

THIS IS OUR ONE SHOT. The Little Things will be open for crowdfunding on Indiegogo until December 22nd. CONTRIBUTING TO THIS CAMPAIGN IS NOT JUST BUYING A PRODUCT. By supporting today, you help bring The Little Things to everyone. You also get access to limited time perks, secured with your preorder.

The Little Things Perks: Select from these one time only options…

  • A personally hand-signed paper back book

  • A personally hand-signed hard cover book

  • Illustrated Print Bookmarks

  • Illustrated Print Posters

  • Art prints

  • Original one-of-a-kind watercolor paintings

With funding and support from backers like you, I will be able to get this book into local stores and online shops like Barnes & Noble. A successful first book will allow me to continue to write new books and pursue my dreams of illustration. Your support will help to get the book to people!

To support and claim a perk, or give a donation click here.

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