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My Lilianas Collaboration

What if I told you boxers weren’t only for men? What if I told you there’s a new girl boss in town who is revolutionizing loungewear, sleepwear, and underwear? 100% cotton, and they have pockets!!! A kick ass entrepreneur and personal friend of mine, Samantha, is launching My Lilianas in 2 days!!! Check out her launch page to be the first in the know, click here . As you might already know, last week Leilani Romero Co. was featured on the official my Liliana’s blog to help spread the word about women empowerment. Read about my personal story as an artist, my biggest pieces of advice to women, and my experiences in entrepreneurship, here .

Samantha created My Lilianas with the purpose of creating comfortable women’s loungewear like men’s boxers but designed with a woman’s body in mind so that women can feel happy, healthy, and comfortable. The design process began a year ago. From there, she searched far and wide for a manufacturer that could make her design a reality. She wanted to also make this a healthy product, so she had many conversations with different gynecologists about the best material for women—one that would be a breathable, airy material suited for a woman’s v health so that the shorts she was designing could be worn as boxers or underwear. That’s how My Lilianas decided on 100% cotton. It wasn’t just about creating a product...My Lilianas could also be a place for community! Sam realized, with this product, she could open very important conversations about breaking gender barriers, promoting women’s health, women’s comfort, and women’s confidence. She wanted to share stories in hopes of connecting with other women to empower them, build their confidence, and invite women to open up about their stories. For all things My Lilianas, make sure to follow: